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jackson anderson

Jackson Anderson - Director & Screenwriter

Jackson Anderson makes his directorial debut on Teary Sockets. He worked in small film projects in Los Angeles first as a production assistant, then as a production manager, and finally as a producer.  In 2006 he moved to Mississippi to work with Invisible Men Productions as a screenwriter.  When the company was transformed into Cloud Chamber Productions, he became one of the three founding partners.  Teary Sockets is the third screenplay on which he has collaborated, and the first to go into production.  When only days before the movie was to begin filming the scheduled director resigned, Jackson stepped up to fill the void, working diligently with Director of Photography Neil Broffman.  His hard work and discipline are evident in the finished product, the feature length comedy, Teary Sockets.


Hal "Corky" Kessler - Executive Producer

Hal “Corky” Kessler has extensive entertainment law, corporate and worldwide entertainment industry experience.  Corky regularly speaks on the business and legal aspects of feature film development and tax incentives in connection with the entertainment industry.  Corky has successfully worked with governors and United States Congressmen in several states to implement new laws and federal tax incentives for investments in qualifying film and television projects, which led to Sections 181 and 199 of The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.  Corky has also authored a reference book covering such federal and state tax incentives. Corky has represented several authors and negotiated publishing deals with several major publishers, including Random House and Doubleday. Corky has also assembled and built winning teams for more than 30 entertainment and other business ventures. He has developed, packaged and executive produced feature films, theatre projects and television projects, including “The Sum of Us,” starring Russell Crowe, which won the Australian Academy Award for Best Film.

Corky has been Executive Producer on feature film projects, which include:

  • "Certifiably Jonathan"

Starring, Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Howie Mandel, Rob Reiner, Martin Mull, Jim Carrey, Dana Carvey, Lili Tomlin, Sara Silverman, Bonnie Hunt and  others.

  • “The Sum of Us" (Australian Academy Award Winner)

Distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Co.
Starring Russell Crowe and Jack Thompson. Currently in video and DVD release.

  • "Finding North" (Screenplay by Kim Powers)

Distributed by Cowboy Booking.
Starring Wendy Mckenna and John Benjamin Hickey.
Currently in Video and DVD release.

  • “Sacrifices" (Screenplay by Edward Seaton)

Currently in video release.

  • "Rockville Slayer" (Screenplay by Marc Selz). 

Currently in theatrical and DVD and video release.

  • “Legend of Bloody Mary" (Screenplay by Juseph Domingo)

Currently in the distribution phase.

  • "Teary Sockets" (Screenplay by R.S. Anderson, Jackson Anderson and Kevin Ivey) 

 Currently in the distribution phase.

  • "Paradise" (Screenplay by Mark Sells and Payton Dunham) 

 Currently in the development phase.

  • "Little Chicago" (Screenplay by Carl Veno) 

 Currently in the development phase.


R.S. Anderson MD, FACR - Producer & Screenwriter

Scott Anderson is a cancer physician with multiple international publications.   He is the author of a regular monthly column, Una Voce in the Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association. He served as a Navy Diving Medical Officer and has worked with the special operations community. Most recently, Scott authored a novel, Time Donors Wanted, which is in final editing. He has also written several screenplays, including Teary Sockets which is in the post-production phase, and Still Standing Tall, which was written for the Williams Brothers, and is currently in development.

His business acumen and drive are a major factor in Cloud Chamber Productions' activities and one of the main reasons Teary Sockets was made. Scott has a natural affinity for literature, film and music. He is a gifted author and understands the visual element of storytelling. He has provided the storyline for several of the screenplays written with Jackson Anderson and Kevin Ivey.


scott anderson
neal broffman

Neal Broffman - Director of Photography

Neal Broffman is an Atlanta based Director of Photography/Producer and Editor. His company, One Production Place, has done production and post-production work for numerous organizations and corporations both domestically and abroad.  With a focus on social responsibility and issues that affect us all, the pieces One Production Places is commissioned to produce are informed by Broffman’s extensive experience working abroad as a videographer/editor/producer for international news organizations.  Compassion, empathy and a belief that our humanity compels us to reach out to those less fortunate are themes that influence much of the production work done by Neal and One Production Place.

In December of 2003 One Production Place received a CINE Golden Eagle award for The Magic of Everyday Moments, an eight-minute natural sound piece celebrating the simple events in the daily life of children and families was produced for Johnson & Johnson and debuted at the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Since then, Broffman’s production work has received two additional CINE Golden Eagle Awards and a special CINE jury prize, six Telly Awards and three World Media Festival Gold Awards in Germany for pieces produced in the US, China, the UK, Panama and South Africa.

Before moving to Atlanta in 1999 to work as the senior videographer/editor for CNN’s Across America With Larry Woods, Broffman was based in CNN’s Moscow bureau for two and a half years. As well as covering breaking news in Russia and the former Soviet Union, Neal often worked alone documenting, producing and editing feature stories using only natural sound to accompany the video and tell the story.

Broffman moved to Moscow from Rome, Italy where he worked as a freelance videographer/editor working for the BBC, APTV, WTN and CNN. Rome was the base from which he traveled to Bosnia, spending months covering the Bosnian conflict in and around Sarajevo as well as trips to the Middle East to cover stories in Iraq. On the lighter side Neal also filmed a thirty-minute special for Australian public television on the 49th Cannes Film Festival.

Prior to Rome, Broffman lived and worked in London where he was assigned to CNN’s London bureau from 1990 to 1995. From his base in London Neal traveled to and covered stories in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He spent extensive time in Somalia during the US intervention there and documented the last US helicopters departing that country marking the end of the US involvement in what would be a failed UN mission.

Other stories covered include the 1991 Gulf War, the Kurdish refugee crisis on the Iraq/Iran border following the Gulf War, the enormous loss of life in Bangladesh from the cyclone of 1992, the breakup of the Soviet Union, the South African elections and work in Tunisia covering the PLO. To mark the 20th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, Broffman traveled to Vietnam for CNN and spent several weeks working on a series of stories.

Broffman’s last assignment with CNN before founding One Production Place in 2002 was to work with producers and other field production teams to help them adapt to the new digital tools being introduced at that time for newsgathering: small digital cameras and non-linear editing platforms.  As well as giving technology seminars to CNN executives and employees on digital gear and newsgathering techniques, Broffman worked with CNN’s London, Rome, Berlin, Mexico City, Miami, Seattle and National Bureaus as they made the transition to digital platforms in the field.

During this time Broffman also shot, produced and edited CNN’s 2001 Peabody Award entry “Innu Despair” in Northern Labrador as well as numerous other stories that he filmed/produced/wrote edited and narrated and that were featured on the network.

Neal was hired as the Director of Photography to work with Cloud Chamber Productions on the film “Teary Sockets” in 2007.  Kevin Ivey approached Broffman with the project due to his vast documentary and field production experience.  The movie, filmed in LA, San Diego, The Mojave Desert and Meridian Mississippi, was shot to resemble a documentary and relied heavily on improvisational scenes merged with staged scenes to drive the narrative.  From locations along the California-Mexico border to the sidewalks of Venice Beach to the Mississippi countryside the overriding goal was to establish a documentary look.  Additional lighting, other than natural light, was used sparingly along with a mix of hand-held and support based camerawork.  Close proximity to the action adds an intimate feel to the film.

Neal Broffman graduated in 1986 with a B.A. in English from James Madison University in Virginia. He is married and has two young daughters.

kevin ivey

Kevin Ivey - Editor & Screenwriter

Kevin Ivey spent 16 years at CNN in a variety of roles advancing the editorial, aesthetic and technical aspects of video production and documentary editing. Ivey began his career as a news and documentatry editor, garnering national awards including two Cable ACE awards for editing and being named the White House Press Association's "Editor of the Year" for CNN's coverage of the first Gulf War. A veteran documentarian and editor, Ivey covered stories in Central America, the former Soviet Union and Europe. He has served as photographer, sound technician and editor. He managed CNN's videotape operations for five years, with responsibility for CNN's video feeds, editing, tape production, field operations and post-production.

As Vice President of R&D, Ivey led CNN technologists in the adoption of non-linear editing methods and server-based production. His development of the CNN MediaSource digital media asset management system won CNN a technical Emmy in 2001. Ivey moved to the BBC and served as project director for ESPN's digital production center.

Kevin Ivey formed Cloud Chamber Productions with Scott and Jackson Anderson in 2006.

Ivey's awards include:

  • 2001 Technical and Engineering “Emmy” Award for “Pioneering Efforts in Digital Asset Management for Television News Production”- National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Computerworld/Smithsonian Laureate, 1999 and 2000 – CNN’s development of the media asset management system “MediaSource” was selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution’s permanent collection of American history
  • Solution of the Year, 1999 – awarded by Advanced Imaging Magazine for CNN’s development of the “MediaSource” media asset management systems
  • Judge, National Press Photographers Association Annual Awards, 1992
  • Editor of the Year, National Press Photographers Association, 1991
  • Clarion Award, Best Television Documentary Series, Editor, 1990
  • Gold Medals,, International Film and Television Festival of New York, 1990, 1988
  • Cable ACE, Best News Series or Documentary, 1989
  • Cable ACE, Best News Series or Documentary, 1988
  • The Edward R. Murrow Award, 1988

taylor ivey

Taylor Ivey - Music Supervisor

Taylor Ivey, at age 17, represents the best of up and coming blues and alternative rock artists. Born in Georgia, he moved with his family to Mississippi at age 7 and picked up the guitar two years later. Surrounded by the region that spawned the blues, rock and roll and country genres, Taylor has honed a blues style that has been compared to Johnny Lang and a young John Mayer.

As Music Supervisor for Teary Sockets, Taylor recognized the emo movement as a modern, tortured version of the blues; albeit musically different, the sentiment is the same. He scored two original songs for the movie, "Emo Blues", which is featured during the final credits, and "Small Thing Between Us", which Taylor performs in the movie. Taylor also wrote the music and engineered the recordings for the lay-ins for the Teary Socket concert scenes.

Taylor appears in the film as himself, a guitar player in search of a gig, when he happens upon the band stranded in the desert. From there he is drafted into the band and is along for the ride.

Check out the original music from the movie on the electronic media page.


The Production Crew


Directed by Jackson Anderson

Produced by R. S. Anderson and Jackson Anderson

Director of Photography - Neal Broffman

Edited by Kevin Ivey

Screenplay by R. S. Anderson, Jackson Anderson, & Kevin Ivey

Music Supervisor- Taylor Ivey

Sound Mixer- Brendan Pollitz

Attorneys- Mike Frascogna, Corky Kessler, and Shawnassey Britt

Associate Producer- Karl Lee

Key Make-up Artist- Briana Lindsey

Asst. Makeup & Hair- Dina Marinelli

Wardrobe Stylist- Lauren Constantine

Additional Stylist- Asia Ragland

First Assistant Director- Tammy Hirata

Key Grip – Tyler Harrison

Production Assistants

Brad Solonen
Erik Schultz
Charlotte Chandler
Nick Kahn
Brayton Austin
D. J. Sing
David Matthews
Aislinn Webb
Megan Pennington
Dylan Anderson