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A Story of Emo Angst and Accidental Heroism

The film Teary Sockets represents a makeshift project being pieced together by a young filmmaker, Jackson. He is trying to show the truth of an event that has become distorted by consequence and the media. Teary Sockets tells the story of a failing emo band from LA.  Its leader, Bobby Tear, is also the founder of an animal rights organization called "People for the Protection of Mammals" dedicated to the prevention of bovine abuse.  The problem is, nothing about Bobby is what it seems.  When his mother cuts off the supply of money she has been providing to keep the band afloat, Bobby is forced to travel to Mississippi to find his estranged but wealthy father. He hopes to get the money he now owes Jackson for the video project we're watching.

The clash of cultures is inevitable, but no one expected it to garner national headlines.  When the band releases a group of cattle genetically engineered to produce a chemotherapeutic agent in their milk into a state university's general dairy population, they find themselves arrested and charged with domestic terrorism under the Homeland Securities Act.  This ignites the feeding frenzy of the news media.  It is here that the viewer becomes part of a social experiment.  Will they believe what they have just on screen with their own eyes, or will they accept the storyline advanced by the media?  This is a film anyone can enjoy, but a triple digit IQ is a plus.  It is a film you have to watch.  It is deliberately designed to reward intelligence and observation.

The movie is shot and edited to resemble a documentary and relies heavily on improvisational scenes merged with staged scenes to drive the narrative.  From locations along the California-Mexico border to the sidewalks of Venice Beach to the Mississippi countryside, the overriding goal was to establish a documentary look.  Additional lighting, other than natural light, was used sparingly along with a mix of hand-held and support based camerawork.  Close proximity to the action adds an intimate feel to the film.

Teary Sockets is the directorial debut of Jackson Anderson, and the first feature film from Cloud Chamber Productions LLC.