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Jared Michaels as "Bobby Tear"

Jared Michaels was born in Baldwin, New York and raised by an artistic family. Jared knew, even at a young age, the small town of Baldwin was no place for him. After writing, producing and starring in the short film “Hitman”, shot in Miami, Jared took his passion for the arts to Los Angeles. Jared now works regularly in the independent film world, with seven movies to his credit and more on the way. Jared is extremely proud of the film Teary Sockets and of his lead portrayal of Bobby Tear. "Bobby Tear is a good man, a righteous man and a hero." Jared plans to continue his work in film and to take his career and Teary Sockets to the next level.





emo jackson

Joseph Guth as "Jackson"

Joseph Louis Guth decided to pursue acting after having been accepted to and attending the US NAval Academy. After taking acting classes and performing in a few plays, he moved to Los Angeles to take things a step further and take his passion more seriously. He lived in Long Beach and attended Long Beach City College where he took more classes and performed in more plays. He then joined an improve group, The Improvaholics. They performed a little over a year before breaking up. Hitting a dry spell, Joe turned to construction work until he could figure out his next step. He then met his best friend, Frank Delgado Jr., who talked him into quitting his jobs and pursuing his acting carrier. Starting from the bottom, Joe started to get a lot of background work. This led him to meet Frank Lloyd, the president of International Stunt Association. Mr. Lloyd helped in getting Joe his first television appearance on the Monday Night Football intro for the '07- '08 Season. To date, Joe and his friend Frank continue to work on progressing Joe's acting Career. Teary Sockets is Joe's first starring role. He also appears regularly on General Hospital as the doorman at the Metro Court.


Christopher Allen as "Chub"

Christopher Allen makes his feature film debut in Teary Sockets. Christopher was born Dec. 5th 1986 in Upland, California.  When Christopher was a child he and his older brother would dress up in costumes and walk around the neighborhood all day in character trying to fool their friends that they were other people. He has wanted to be an actor ever since he was little. He would watch movies and then imitate the characters in them. Only after dropping out of high school was he able to pursue his professional acting career. He is now studying under actor Diane Louise Salinger in Los Angeles. His favorite actor is Edward Norton, his favorite director is Spike Lee, and his favorite musician is John Lennon. Other then acting, he enjoys reading, writing, and painting. Christopher ultimately wants to open his own production company and make his own films.

weep intvu

Summer Slim as "Chris Weep"

Summer Rose Slim was born on July 21, 1986 to two aspiring and talented musicians, Rose Loya and Yamil Slim. Summer grew up with a natural inclination for the performing arts. Summer began her acting journey as a high school freshman in a Drama 1 course. A year later, she landed her first role as Hermia in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. At that point, Summer realized the intense passion she had for acting and theater. After graduation and seven theater roles, a focused Summer is now attending college, studying Psychology and Child Development. As Co-founder of the newly established NPO United Youth Action Network, Summer works diligently to raise awareness and funds for devastating situations around the world that victimize children. Determined to live a life where she can work on the two things most important to her, Summer plans to continue acting and to work toward her career with children, UYAN and UNICEF.




seth campfire

Mark Alan as "Seth Depression"

Mark Alan was born and raised in the Midwest, where he was introduced to acting at a young age by his grandmother. After graduating from high school, he moved to New York where he studied at the prestigious Meisner Conservatory of Acting, The School of Film and Television. It was in New York City where he also landed his first television and feature filmmaking roles.  Since moving to Los Angeles a few months ago, Alan has starred in three feature films, co-starred in a television show, and two music videos as well.  "There really isn't anything that I don't want to try--I hope when I look back at the end of my career, I see that I played a rich man, a poor man, an angry man, a happy man--the time we have is so short, making new experiences all the more invaluable--I want to taste everything."




Complete Cast Credits

(in order of appearance)

Jackson- Joe Guth
Bobby Tear- Jared Michaels
Seth Depression- Mark Alan
Chub Hubble- Chris Allen
Christina Weep- Summer Slim

Concertgoer #1- Randy Garcia
Concertgoer #2- Richard Morales
Concertgoer #3- Christene A. Martin
Concertgoer #4- Jess Baker
Club Owner- James Gregory
Electrocuted Guitarist- Maria Menendez
Waitress- Rachel M. Graham
Woman Hit by Chicken- Charlene Anderson
Woman at Table- Julie Martin
Man at Restaurant- Kevin Gillette
Woman in Restaurant #3- Leslie Phillips
Woman in Restaurant #4- Mary Billups
Burly Guy #1- Alder Hample
Burly Guy #2- Jay Voigt
Frank Schmark- Kevin Ivey
Bloody Nipple Girl #1- Maureen Ganz
Bloody Nipple Girl #2- Tracy Doering
Bloody Nipple Girl #3- Lindsey Bellock
Sue- Anna Claisse`
Clerk- Stefanie Black
Kristy- Brianne Gates
Samoan #1- Uinifareti Suani Jr.
Samoan #2- Panama Mutu III
Samoan #3- Caleb Sagiao
Evelyn- Sheila Cavalette
Brad- Doug Doermann
Taylor- Taylor Ivey
Sam the Bartender- Sam Weir
Bartender #2- Shane Duke
Bar Guy- Michael Joe Warren
Pete- Art Matthews
Guy with Bottle- Tony Grimes
Jim- Jim McShane
Bo- Scott Anderson
Kid at Café- Matthew Ivey
April- Kristi Leigh Snyder
Harv- Mark Phillips
Deputy #1- Deputy Sheriff Robert Elmore
Deputy #2- Deputy Sheriff Draper Williams
Student Patrol #1- Thad Elmore
Student Patrol #2- Jordan Graham
Newswoman #1- Megan Pennington
Dairy Farmhand #1 –  Steven Ivey
Dairy Farmhand #2 – George Frye
Dr. H. Lee Brooks - Dan Ball
Bobby's Lawyer - Brenda Stokes
Cameron McNeal – Neal Broffman
PrimeLine Anchor – Holly Firfer
Political Pundit #1 – Larry Woods
Political Pundit #2 – Graylian Young
FDA Commissioner - Brad Huff
Press Corps - Dave Owen, Kenny Watts, Kim Watts, Trey Watts
Chub’s Lawyer- Paul Bucurel
Baliff #1- Deputy Sheriff Gary Langley
Baliff #2- Deputy Sheriff Andy Siciliano
Still Snapper - David Matthews
Additional Reporters- Dylan Anderson, Jackson Anderson