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Cloud Chamber Productions LLC was formed in 2006 as a partnership between R.S. Anderson, Jackson Anderson and Kevin Ivey. The three founders share a passion for writing and film, and particularly those projects that challenge the viewer to think. Each of the members brings unique perspective and experience to the mix. Writing sessions are usually spirited discussions of characters and plot, and always end in a paroxysm of laughter. Budget and schedule sessions... not so much laughter.

Cloud Chamber Productions is an outgrowth of Invisible Men Productions, an earlier partnership that formed from a weekly tennis match between Anderson and Ivey. "Fierce" competition on the court between two middle-aged men gave way to conversations about storylines and film budgets. Four years ago, the conversations moved inside and the work began on the first screenplay. "Time Donors" is the first property generated by that partnership, and it remains in development.

During formation of Cloud Chamber Productions, Jackson Anderson joined as the third partner. Over the last three years, the team has written and adapted several other screenplays, including "Hood" and "Terrence and the Toilet Fairy".

The team put together the production package and schedule for "Teary Sockets" in 2006, and principal photography began in January of 2007. Post production started in March of 2007 and was concluded in October. The film has now been entered in a variety of festivals, and we are looking foward to its premiere.


The Name

The name "Cloud Chamber Productions" comes from the realm of nuclear physics. If you consult the dictionary, you find the following entry for "cloud chamber":

"An apparatus for determining the movements of charged particles, consisting of a chamber containing a supersaturated mixture of gas and vapor, the vapor condensing around ions created by the particle in its passing, thereby revealing the path of the particle."

We chose the name because of what happens in a cloud chamber; lots of things are happening at once. Free particles, resulting from the collision of two atoms, take off at astounding speed, run into other particles, produce heat and light, and ultimately result in the creation of a new ion - something that has never existed before. We like to think of our efforts as a cloud chamber - full of energy, full of chaos, but always moving forward quickly creating things that have never existed before.




cloud chamber

The particle traces within a cloud chamber - evidence of creation.



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