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The Latest Teary Sockets News:

Sept. 15, 2008 - Teary Sockets has been selected for screening at the 4th Annual Tucson Film and Music Festival, scheduled for October 9-12, 2008 in Tucson, Arizona.

Sep. 12, 2008 - Teary Sockets was showcased as one of six feature films screened at the Bootleg Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

April 4, 2008 - Teary Sockets debuted at the 9th Annual Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, Mississippi.

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A Comedy for the Sensitive and Informed

Cloud Chamber Productions LLC presents Teary Sockets, an independent feature film by Jackson Anderson. Teary Sockets is an amalgamation of concert video, interviews and news footage captured by a harrowed and frustrated filmmaker (Jackson, played by Joseph Guth) during his attempt to chronicle the rise of the Los Angeles emo band, The Teary Sockets. When all of their best-laid plans go awry, Jackson attempts in the resulting film to truthfully document the events that have become distorted by circumstance and the media.

Our frustrated filmmaker chronicles the story the Teary Sockets and the band’s leader, Bobby Tear (played by Jared Michaels).  Bobby is also the founder of an animal rights organization called the PPM, or "People for the Protection of Mammals".  Publicly, the PPM is dedicated to the prevention of bovine abuse.

The problem is nothing about Bobby is what it seems.  When his mother cuts off the supply of money she has been providing keep the band afloat, Bobby is forced to travel to Mississippi to find his estranged and eccentric but wealthy father.  Since Bobby is deep in debt to Jackson for the film project we are ultimately viewing, Jackson must tag along to ensure that he is paid. The clash of cultures is inevitable, but no one expects the trip to result in national headlines. 

Forced to prove once and for all his altruistic dedication to the PPM, Bobby and his band mates free six cows from a nearby holding pen.  But the humane act is actually a terrible mistake; the cattle released are subjects in a carefully controlled genetic engineering experiment at Mississippi Agricultural and Technical University.  The Teary Sockets suddenly find themselves arrested and charged with domestic terrorism under the Homeland Securities Act.  This ignites a feeding frenzy in the news media. 

It is here that the viewer becomes part of a social experiment.  Will viewers believe what they have just seen on screen with their own eyes, or will they accept the storyline advanced by the media?  This is a film anyone can enjoy, but it is deliberately designed to reward intelligence and observation.



Shots from Teary Sockets